Character Creation

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Character Creation

Post by Karbrae on Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:46 am

~ Character Creation ~

All Player Characters in Karbrae's Realms begin with 6,000 XP, as an ECL (Effective Character Level) 4 character, allowing for anyone who might be inclined to do so, to play as a race with a LA (Level Adjustment) of up to +3. The materials allowed are the Core 3.5 books + all official Forgotten Realms 3.5 supplements. When creating a character, remember to choose a Region (p. 28, Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting).

Ability Scores: Generate ability scores either by the standard method of rolling 4d6 and discarding the lowest dice six times before assigning the generated scores as you please, OR by the Point Buy method with 30 points. If you choose the latter method, I recommend finding a 'Point Buy calculator 3.5' with your preferred search engine and using that.

Starting Wealth: 5,400 gp worth of holdings, hirelings and equipment.

Required fluff: Write a character synopsis including a backstory, a physical description and a description of your character's personality.


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