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Campaign Info

Post by Karbrae on Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:37 pm

~ The Campaign ~

The first part of the campaign, Whisperwind Keep, will take the characters to the Moon Pass in the Nether Mountains to search for a missing ranger and cleric of Kelemvor who has gone there to investigate the growing undead presence in the area threatening the town of Jalanthar and the trade route between Jalanthar and dwarven Sundabar, speculated to be the cause of one or more necromancers thought to have settled in the keep.

On this quest, the adventures are the hirelings of the moon elf Amra Braegen, a former wizardress turned cleric of Kelemvor, who serves as a senior priest at the Lord of the Dead's temple in the city of Everlund.

After this initial part of the campaign has been resolved, the campaign will turn from a dungeon delver type experience into more of a sandbox style game where the adventurers will have freer reins to pursue the goals they want and adventure around the Silver Marches and beyond as they desire.

Events will transpire in the world outside of the adventurers' control, but it is up to them how much attention they wish to show these - if they want to take an active role in them or if they will simply choose to ignore them and let them play out in the background without getting involved in one way or another. Either way, both such background events, whether reacted to or not, and the players' actions and choices in general will influence what happens in the realms and cause lesser and greater changes in the world, and in this regard the campaign will also be somewhat of a Living style campaign.

The campaign will see the players start out as 4th level characters and there is no set end to the campaign. We will simply see where it takes us...

Welcome to Karbrae's Realms.


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